[gdal-dev] Help from MapInfo users, please

Carlo A. Bertelli (Charta s.r.l.) bertelli at charta.acme.com
Fri Nov 11 12:21:47 EST 2011

I don't understand the question (you didn't put any question in your
message), but I tried the mif/mid files provided. The first time I got
an error:
"Not enough CoordSys parameters specified for projection 8." (which
means State plane 1983).
You provided this:
CoordSys Earth Projection 8, 74, 'm', -87.5, 30.0, 0.9999333333, 600000, 0
but you should also put the coordinate bounds.
This is the string that MapInfo puts in the header of a mif file with
the same coordinate system:
CoordSys Earth Projection 8, 33, "m", -87.5, 30, 0.9999333333, 600000,
0 Bounds (-7648594.01042, -13321190.9883) (8848594.01042,
When you add bounds to your file, it can be imported without any fault.
Almost all necessary for any coordinate system is found inside a file
(MAPINFO.PRJ) provided with MapInfo, You could get a copy installing
the latest version of MI from testdrive.mapinfo.com.
Just let me know if this is the question and my answer fits it.

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