[gdal-dev] building and using an OGR plugin

Ian Turton ijturton at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 10:42:16 EST 2011

I've been developing an OGR format to read in my employers' file
format. All works fine when I build the new format in directly but it
would probably make sense to provide the code as a plugin rather than
having to build and link our own dll's for the whole library. So I
followed the instructions at
(and the fgdb example) and I have a plugin dll that according to
dependency walker seems to refer to all the right things. But when I
run ogrinfo (for example) it doesn't see my format any longer. I've
set GDAL_DRIVER_PATH to point to the folder containing the plugin, is
there some other step I should be looking for?

Thanks in advance

(Just a lost Java programmer in C-tribe land)

Ian Turton

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