[gdal-dev] VSI* functions in Perl bindings

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 09:15:07 EST 2011


I've added the VSIFReadL function and updated the VSIFWriteL function in 
the Perl bindings. I added simple tests for those and for VSIFOpenL and 
VSIFCLoseL functions to the Perl binding tests.

I added VSIFReadL and VSIFWriteL function prototypes to cpl.i as they 
are in the GDAL source code. They needed new typemaps. I don't 
understand why size_t is often changed to int in the bindings, I used 

Probably I will later add an OO interface to the stuff to make the VSI 
filehandles objects.

These are especially useful avoiding disk writes. I'm going to use these 
for CGI programs such as WFS, where I will write the GML to a memory 
file, then take it from there into a Perl variable for possible changes 
(namespaces for example) and sending to the client without storing into 
the disk.



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