[gdal-dev] Are unicode field values supported in the Python bindings for GDAL?

Roy Hyunjin Han starsareblueandfaraway at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 07:04:31 EDT 2012

Le 11 avril 2012 10:01, Ari Jolma <ari.jolma at gmail.com> a écrit :
> In the Perl bindings all strings going to GDAL internals are upgraded from
> Perl internal format to utf-8 and all strings coming from GDAL internals are
> marked for Perl to be utf-8.
> This is done in the Perl typemaps after a change last November.
> http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/changeset/23405
> I don't see a similar problem in the Perl bindings as below. However utf-8
> strings are handled in Python differently from Perl.

Thank you for this information, Ari.  If the GDAL Perl bindings
support unicode, then GDAL supports unicode and the issue may be in
the Python bindings.

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