[gdal-dev] NITF to ENVI format failure

Jonathan Greenberg jgrn at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 12 15:54:36 EDT 2012

Here's it with debug ON:

> gdal_translate -of ENVI 11MAY05170702-P1BS-052548267010_01_P001.NTF 11MAY05170702-P1BS-052548267010_01_P001.envi --debug ON
GDAL: GDALOpen(/vsisubfile/3884_395220981,11MAY05170702-P1BS-052548267010_01_P001.NTF,
this=0x66a420) succeeds as JPEG2000.
GDAL: NITFDataset::Open() wasn't able to derive a first order
geotransform.  It will be returned as GCPs.
GDAL: GDALOpen(11MAY05170702-P1BS-052548267010_01_P001.NTF,
this=0x669450) succeeds as NITF.
Input file size is 35840, 24576
0GDAL: Using default GDALDriver::CreateCopy implementation.
GDAL: GDALDriver::Create(ENVI,11MAY05170702-P1BS-052548267010_01_P001.envi,35840,24576,1,UInt16,(nil))
ERROR 4: Attempt to create file
`11MAY05170702-P1BS-052548267010_01_P001.envi' failed.

GDAL: GDALClose(/vsisubfile/3884_395220981,11MAY05170702-P1BS-052548267010_01_P001.NTF,
GDAL: GDALClose(11MAY05170702-P1BS-052548267010_01_P001.NTF, this=0x669450)


On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 2:47 PM, Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 12:40 PM, Jonathan Greenberg <jgrn at illinois.edu> wrote:
>> GDALers:
>> I've got some DigitalGlobe Worldview-2 files in NITF format, but I'm
>> not able to convert it from NITF to ENVI:
>>> gdal_translate -of ENVI 11MAY05170702-M1BS-052548267010_01_P001.NTF 11MAY05170702-M1BS-052548267010_01_P001.envi
>> [some time passes]
>> Input file size is 9216, 6144
>> 0ERROR 4: Attempt to create file
>> `11MAY05170702-M1BS-052548267010_01_P001.envi' failed.
>> [a bit more time passes]
>>> [back to command line]
>> Any ideas?
> Jonathan,
> Well, that is sort of lame error reporting out of gdal_translate.  Can you
> make the input file available for testing?  If not, perhaps try running
> with debug on?
> ie.
> gdal_translate --debug on ...
> Best regards,
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