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I have used this kind of tool in GIMP to stitch partial scans of a large
paper map.
IMHO, this tool is more appropriate in a desktop gis tool with gui instead
of gdal. But having it in GDAL could be useful to more users.

I can be a mentor if there is a shortage.

On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 5:03 AM, Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com>wrote:

> Folks,
> There is one proposed OSGeo/Google SoC project proposed related to GDAL:
> Correlator in GDAL
> http://www.google-melange.com/**gsoc/proposal/review/google/**
> gsoc2012/king_of_defeat/1<http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2012/king_of_defeat/1>
> Part of the procedure is that the project (ie. GDAL) is supposed to return
> a ranked list of projects they support to Anne (our admin) by Tuesday.
> This isn't quite time for a formal motion so I'm suggesting this is a call
> for objections and/or volunteers to mentor.
> I'm interested in mentoring this project but the normal practice is to have
> two co-mentors to ensure availability for the student.
> So does anyone object to the above project proceeding?
> Does anyone want to co-mentor?
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Best regards,
Chaitanya kumar CH.

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