[gdal-dev] DBF indexing?

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Some OGR SQL drivers support creating of attribute indexes. Currently this
includes the Shapefile driver. An index accelerates very simple attribute
queries of the form fieldname = value, which is what is used by the JOIN
capability. To create an attribute index on the nation_id field of the
nation table a command like this would be used:
CREATE INDEX ON nation USING nation_id

Index Limitations
1. Indexes are not maintained dynamically when new features are added to
or removed from a layer.
2. Very long strings (longer than 256 characters?) cannot currently be
3. To recreate an index it is necessary to drop all indexes on a layer and
then recreate all the indexes.
4. Indexes are not used in any complex queries. Currently the only query
the will accelerate is a simple "field = value" query.


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>Is it possible to index fields in a DBF, and does GDAL support that for a
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