[gdal-dev] GSoC Image Correlator

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sun Aug 26 20:58:06 PDT 2012


Андрей Мигаль (Andrew) has completed his Google Summer of Code image
correlator project and I have moderately adapted the code and checked
into GDAL trunk svn.  Some information is available at:


While I have exposed a function with the following signature, I have
not yet checked in any changes that would use this from an existing
commandline program.  My plan is to expose it via SWIG and write some
demonstration Python scripts using it:

GDALComputeMatchingPoints( GDALDatasetH hFirstImage,
                            GDALDatasetH hSecondImage,
                            char **papszOptions,
                            int *pnGCPCount );

I have successfully use it to perform an image match between a UTM image
and the same image warped into WGS84.  I then wrote out the GCPS and use
them to warp the the one to the other and got a good result.

I will also document the GDALComputeMatchingPoints() function based on the
extensive documentation already prepared by Andrew for lower level functions.

Andrew has done a great job this summer, and I hope we will continue to
evolve and exploit the new functionality developed.

Best regards,
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