[gdal-dev] Motion: Commit Rights for Robert Coup

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Wed Feb 1 16:26:11 EST 2012

Motion: GDAL/OGR Commit rights are extended to Robert Coup


Robert Coup has been working over the last few weeks in submitting patches to 
improve and fix the new FileGDB driver. I have integrated them until now, but  
I think it would make the process smoother to give him commit access. Robert 
is testing with ESRI software such as ArcMap, which should help making sure 
output datasources produced by the FileGDB driver are interoperable with other 

Robert is a core committer on Mapnik and a committer on Dojo. He has also been 
a GSoC mentor for Mapnik & Dojo over the last few years

Robert, could you publically reply to this message indicating your
willingness to follow RFC3?


I'll start the voting with my support.

+1 Even

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