[gdal-dev] Re: delete feature without fid

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Thu Feb 2 03:42:23 EST 2012


I would have pointed you to http://gdal.org/java for the Javadoc , but the
website is currently down, so I give you a summary of what you'll find :

- To retrive the FID of a feature, yes, you need to use Feature.GetFID()
- Feature.delete() should not be called under normal circumstances. Normal
garbage collection should work without that help.
- To delete a feature from a layer, you need to call Layer.DeleteFeature(an_fid)
- Layer.SyncToDisk() is not implemented in all drivers. The safest method to
make sure the file is properly rewritten is to *explicitely* close the
datasource with DataSource.delete(). Yes, you must explicitely destroy it to
make sure the native code associated is indeed called. Garbage collection isn't
guaranteed to do it.

Best regards,


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