[gdal-dev] "Cannot open existing output data source" error writing to GML

Donovan Cameron sault.don at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 18:04:49 EST 2012

Afternoon List!

I am trying to batch merge several GML files but get the following error:
*Cannot open existing output data source: output.gml*

I can read the file fine with "*ogrinfo output.hml output -so*" and
everything looks normal.

I am able to perform the operation successfully without error on *shapefiles
from the same source.*

Data is from geobase.ca (geographical place names):

Example code:
*for f in *.gml*
* do ogr2ogr -f "GML" merged/output.gml -update -append ${f}*

Is there a write or read limitation in my version of GDAL or the
GML<http://www.gdal.org/ogr/drv_gml.html>that I don't know about?

*ogr2ogr --version*
*GDAL 1.8.1, released 2011/07/09*
*ogr2ogr --formats*
*  > "GML" (read/write)*
Thanks for your time and assistance,

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