[gdal-dev] Updates/improvements to GDAL's OziExplorer driver?

Paul Jacobson paul at mactrix.com.au
Thu Feb 2 21:50:12 EST 2012


I've been attempting to use GDAL's Ozi driver to convert .map/.ozfx3 pairs into GeoTiff format but have been stymied by the limitations of the existing Ozi driver.  The maps I'm trying to convert use the Australian standard GDA94/UTM and it appears the current Ozi driver does not support the UTM grid.

I'd come across Jean-Claude Repetto's patches to the Ozi driver in Trac and have applied them to the 1.8.1 source, however it appears these patches don't address the lack of support for UTM.  I've since had some off-list correspondence with Jean-Claude, who has indicated he is planning to add support for all projections to the Ozi drivers, however the initial patches he provided 12 months ago have not yet been accepted.

To quote Jean Claude from a post to the gdal-dev list on 30/1/2012:
> I planned to submit several small patches for inclusion of this driver 
> in GDAL trunk. The first one has been sent in this ticket :
> http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/ticket/3929
> Unfortunately, this patch is still waiting in Trac. I'll wait until it 
> is accepted before continuing my work.

It would be extremely useful to have a Ozi driver that supports a wider range of projections than the current iteration, and it seems slightly odd that a developer who is ready to do the necessary work to improve the driver is not being encouraged.


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