[gdal-dev] Use Gdal in CentOS Mono

Jaugeas, Pascal (External) pascal.jaugeas.External at cassidian.com
Thu Feb 9 08:35:40 EST 2012



I develop an application using Gdal dlls (to read grib file and  DTED
and VMAP shape...).

This application is developed with Visual Studio 2008 in C# .NET 3.5.

I want to port this appli in a linux CentOS 5.5  but I have an error
when I execute this .exe with "mono".

I have just deplace  my bin directory. Normally, it works for another

But the error concern Gdal Dll (ogr...).


Do you have an idea to solve my problem? Maybe replace gdal Windows Dll
by gdal Linux So ? but which ones ?


Best regards



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