[gdal-dev] is there a way to concatenate the band in raster file name

Paolo Corti pcorti at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 06:04:34 EST 2012

Hi all

Using the netCDF driver, I have noticed that there is a nice syntax
for getting the dataset and the single raster in the dataset.

For example, in my case, for accessing the dataset:

   $ gdalinfo NETCDF:/my/path/data/mynetcdf_dataset.nc

and for accessing the single raster:

   $ gdalinfo NETCDF:/my/path/data/mynetcdf_dataset.nc:myraster

I was wondering if there is a way (that could be very useful also for
other raster formats) to concatenate also the band, something like

   $ gdalinfo NETCDF:/my/path/data/mynetcdf_dataset.nc:myraster:myband

I would need this for using it in MapServer, without the need to
create virtual rasters (that seems to be the only viable solution at
my eyes)
Thanks for your patience


Paolo Corti
Geospatial software developer
web: http://www.paolocorti.net
twitter: @capooti
skype: capooti

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