[gdal-dev] PostGIS SRID conundrum

Martin Chapman chapmanm at pixia.com
Fri Feb 10 18:25:59 EST 2012

I know this question isn't exactly related to GDAL but I thought someone
on the list might be able to answer this question.


So, I have a shape file that has the following spatial reference:


RAMETER["false_northing",0],UNIT["User Defined",1]]


It was generated using OGR.  I want to insert it into postgres / postgis
but there is no direct match for the wkt or proj4 definition in the
spatial_ref_sys table.  So, I go to insert it into the table but the
question arises, what SRID do I use?  Do I just fudge a random one with a
high enough value that I hope it won't conflict with some other SRID in
the future, or do I create a table based off of the heterogeneous list of
SRIDs at spatialreference.org and insert from that?  I would like to do
the later but that will be a pain unless someone has a put together a
batch insert sql file for all the projections on spatialreference.org.
Still, there is always the possibility that I may run into one that isn't
defined and I will have to fudge my own number anyway.


Question:  What is the best way to handle this?  I wish the
spatial_ref_sys table came with all the ESRI and other SRID definitions. 


Suggestions are much appreciated!


Best regards,




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