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The new versions of ECW SDK is only available on Windows (4.0 to 4.2). 
The ReadOnly Windows version is free and Read/Write Windows version 
(desktop and server) is profitable. I believe that there is a project of 
porting SDK on Linux but it's not currently available 
(http://field-guide.blogspot.com/2011/07/erdas-ecwjp2-sdk-for-linux.html) and 
we don't know the coming licensing policy.

If you want to convert ECW to tif+worldfile on Linux, you need to 
recompile gdal agaisnt the 3.3 ECW library (which is no longer 
maintained by ERDAS since 2007). Be carreful, I noted a suspect 
behaviour of this library under Linux (I will send a post this week-end 
on this subject with more details). If you want, I believe you can find 
ubuntu binaries of this library here : 
(french website)

At last, in order to get georeferencing informations embedded in ECW 
file, you can use the DATUM, UNITS**and PROJ options 
(http://www.gdal.org/frmt_ecw.html - code defintion are contained in 
ecw_cs.wkt file) or/and assign an EPSG code with -a_srs option in 

Hope to help...

Best regards


Le 17/02/12 10:31, Zoltan Szecsei a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have a bunch of ecw images that I need to convert to tif+worldfile.
> I therefore need to recompile gdal against the ecw libraries, but the 
> only file I can download from Intergraph/Erdas website is:
> ECWJP2SDKSetup_RO_20110303.exe
> which is a Windows install of the SDK.
> How do I do this for Linux?
> (Want to batch convert them on ubuntu 10.04)
> On another note, I notice that the xml files received with the ecw 
> images only have projection info in them, and not the georeferencing 
> info.
> Is the georeferencing info embedded in the ecw files (like geotiff)? I 
> tried looking in the ecw file with a binary editor, but saw nothing 
> obvious.
> TIA,
> Zoltan
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