[gdal-dev] Building GDAL with FileGDB support

Stuart Edwards sedwards2 at cinci.rr.com
Wed Feb 22 22:23:50 EST 2012

Hi - 

I am trying to build GDAL with FileGDB support on Ubuntu 10.4 using the recipe on the GDAL wiki.  I have installed GDAL 1.9.0 in /usr/local/ and have placed FileGDB_API from the ArcGIS resource center at /usr/local.  Configure --with-fgdb produces a config summary that shows 'yes' for 'with fgdb support'.  However, after 'make' and 'make install', the tests for ogrinfo fail - no FileGDB format is acknowledged.  I have put the FileGDB_API directory in the GDAL_DRIVER_PATH.  

Any ideas on what I may have done incorrectly would be much appreciated.



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