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Thanks for the response.  I would like to take the overviews and use them
to cache the imagery into a web service ... I am assuming i'd be able to
use the overviews to cache.  I'll look into gdalbuildvrt command.

Do GDAL mosaics allow you to mask tile boundaries at all?  I'd like to
remove bounding black pixels along the borders prior to buliding overviews.


On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 11:55 AM, Frank Warmerdam [via OSGeo.org] <
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> On 12-02-25 11:02 AM, jgamble wrote:
> > Does gdaladdo support mosaic datasets?  If so, are there examples of how
> to
> > use gdaladdo with mosaic datasets?
> Jon,
> GDAL does not support ArcGIS virtual mosaic format.
> The gdaladdo utility can be used on conventional raster formats.  It is
> also possible to build a GDAL virtual raster file which might be a mosaic
> of raster files and then build overviews on it.  I believe gdalbuildvrt
> is normal utility used to build .vrt mosaics.
> However, whether this is suitable for your purposes will depend on
> what you want to use the result for.  If you just want a freestanding
> overview image of a set of images then you would be better off just
> doing something like:
>    gdal_merge.py -o mosaic.tif -ps 20 20 in*.tif
> Assuming you want a mosaic of all in*.tif files with the output overview
> mosaic with a 20m by 20m pixel size.
> Note that .vrt's and their corresponding overviews may be usable in
> ArcGIS (since it uses GDAL) but I am not certain and it will likely
> depend on the version.
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