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jgamble jgamble3 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 13:33:14 EST 2012

Hey Michael,

Good tips on the GDAL/MapServer combo.  I may have a look into such a setup
for comparison purposes.

At the current moment though, I am in need of a solution that uses ArcGIS
Server as the cache that I create will eventually be incorporated back into
existing tiled services hosted on ArcGIS Server.  I was hoping that there
was a solution that would allow me to incorporate GDAL overviews into an
ArcGIS mosaic dataset, though at the moment I am not sure how to do such a

I'll keep looking at let you know if I find anything.

Thanks for your suggestion concerning MapServer though ... Seems like a lot
of folks are headed towards alternatives to ArcGIS Server these days.


On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 8:56 AM, Smith, Michael-2 [via OSGeo.org] <
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> Hi Jon - alas for we ArcGIS users, which even here in 2012 is still a
> single-threaded application.  Who needs more than one CPU core anyway?
> So your ArcGIS choice is to split your batch up into 12 groups and run
> the processes simultaneously (which will then take all your CPUs), or
> use something else.
> Might I suggest a pretty simple solution which uses GDAL and MapServer
> instead?  In the state of Maine we now serve all of our enterprise web
> mapping services (WMS) for imagery using GDAL and MapServer.  Using
> gdalwarp and gdal_translate we convert whatever the source imagery is
> into JPEG2000 compressed tiles, and generate overview images using
> gdalwarp.  This system takes our 3.5TB of source imagery down to about
> 700GB of JP2 files and is pretty darn fast.
> You could set something like this up on a simple PC (but don't use a USB
> drive for the data - put it on a fast internal drive) for a small group
> of users inside your organization, or on servers for a wide distribution
> to a large # of folks.
> Our system is designed to support about 2000 end-users and about 10,000
> requests per hour, using a dual-CPU (quad-core) HP server.  We use MS4W
> which is super-easy to install, and then scripts to generate the tiles.
> I'd be happy to share some of these with you as examples.
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> Hi All,
> I've recently been tasked to cache several large imagery datasets using
> ArcGIS and have found that my bottleneck has been generating overviews
> for
> the datasets prior to caching.  ArcGIS appears to be limiting itself to
> a
> single core while building overviews, which seems ridiculous on a 12
> core
> machine ... which is why I am here for some help.
> I am using mosaic datasets in ArcGIS to manage my images.  Footprints
> for
> the images have been created to clip out any bounding black pixels.  Am
> I
> able to define overviews in ArcGIS and then use GDAL to build them with
> multiple cores ... Or at least utilize the footprints I've already
> defined
> in my mosaic dataset?  Does GDAL have something similar to a mosaic
> dataset
> to manage images that I should be using?
> I'm extremely new to the thought of using GDAL, so any advice on how to
> go
> about utilizing it or at least pointing me in the right direction to
> some
> tutorials is much appreciated.
> Thanks
> Jon.
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