[gdal-dev] Re: C# bindings - setting up progress delegate for Gdal.Open()

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Tue Jan 3 09:24:26 EST 2012

Selon Maksim Sestic <max at geoinova.com>:

> Hm, that's strange. I'm using Gdal.Open() to fetch WMS graphics, for example:
> Dim ds As Dataset = Gdal.Open("<GDAL_WMS><Service
> Access.GA_ReadOnly)
> ...returns requested dataset, which I further save to disk using appropriate
> Driver and CreateCopy() method. It works correctly. I hope that above
> example does not perform GetCapabilities() at all?

No it shouldn't

> I was thinking about above case, when Gdal.Open(...) actually reads a raster
> dataset from WMS. First it creates "grid" of tiles if pixel size is larger
> than BlockSizeX/Y. Then it reads tile by tile from server, merging them all
> at the end into the final dataset. Downloading each tile would trigger
> progress change. Setting BlockSize to i.e. 256x256 pixels (instead of
> default 1024x1024) should make it granular enough for progress bars.

GDALOpen() will divide into tiles, but will not read them. You need to call
CreateCopy() or RasterIO() for that.

So :

1) Open() on the XML description is a fast operation that doesn't download
anything and doesn't need progress
2) CreateCopy() has a progress callback which will be regularly called.
Depending on the output driver, it might not be called for each tile though, but
perhaps for each line.

> Regards,
> Maksim Sestic
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