[gdal-dev] To to create HDF4 files for GDAL

Andreas H. lists at hilboll.de
Thu Jan 5 09:44:05 EST 2012


thanks for your input.

> Why don't you simply use the netcdf api to create a GMT file (which
> uses the netcdf file format)̣?

The software which creates these HDF files is not developed by me, and its
developer is unwilling to implement writing of netcdf files. However, if
I'd tell him to add some metadata to the HDF4 files he creates, he might
be willing to do so ;)

> Have a look at the gdal hdf4 driver documentation :
> http://www.gdal.org/frmt_hdf4.html , section Georeference . It seems
> that you custom way of representing georeferencing is not one of the
> formats supported by gdal's HDF4 driver.

Exactly. That's why I'm asking which metadata the HDF file needs to
contain in order to be recognized by GDAL.


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