[gdal-dev] Different result from GML with .xsd and .gfs

Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Sun Jan 22 06:03:02 EST 2012


I have been doing conversions from Mapinfo files with iso-8859-1 encoding into
Spatialite by using GML format as an interim format. I have noticed that in I
let ogr2ogr to create .xsd file the conversion of attribute names with 
non-ascii characterd does not go in a righ way even if I edit both the .gml 
and .xsd fileto have correct encoding in the header line. But if I do not 
have .xsd file at all and ogr2ogr creates .gfs file when doing the GML ->
Spatialite conversion the result seems to be correct.

This can be tested with this Mapinfo file

1. ogr2ogr -f GML testi.gml m_asalue.tab
2. edit encoding header of testi.gml and testi.xsd into iso-8859-1
3. ogr2ogr -f SQLite -dsco spatialite=yes -a_srs epsg:2392 test_1.sqlite 
4. delete testi.xsd file
5. ogr2ogr -f SQLite -dsco spatialite=yes -a_srs epssg:2392 test_2.sqlite 

When I open testi_1.sqlite with Spatialite-gui it shows one attribute name 
in a wrong way but it looks correct in testi_2.sqlite. 

-Jukka Rahkonen-

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