[gdal-dev] Motion: Commit Rights for Dmitry Barishnikov (aka bishop)

Дмитрий Барышников polimax at mail.ru
Wed Jan 25 07:15:37 EST 2012

Frank Warmerdam writes

    Dmitry, could you publically reply to this message indicating your
    willingness to follow RFC3?


I have read the commiter guidelines and try my best to follow them.
Also I can reply for this topics:

    For example, looking at http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/search?q=bishop ,
    I see  :
    changes in the MITAB library, whose GDAL is a downstream. The usual
    process is
    to make sure that the changes are pushed first in upstream MITAB CVS

This is subject to discuss and some guidance is welcome.

    * http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/ticket/4463 : internal'izing an
    external library
    is something to assess carefully. This introduces additionnal
    issues (security fixes, refresh policy&process, potential issues of
    conflicts when an application link both to GDAL and the library, etc...)

The last release of libkml version 1.2 was on Feb 2010. The 1.3 version 
of libkml was announced on Mar 2010 but not released yet.
There is a problem to get libkml v.1.3 for gdal users 
But I see, that it may be potential problems with maintenance. This is 
subject to discuss too.

Best regards,
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