[gdal-dev] Re: How to export STYLE from Mapinfo to Shapefile?

Eduardo Kanegae eduardo.kanegae at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 11:06:00 EST 2012


By now the only solution I can think is

* dump ogrinfo ouput to a txt file
* use Notepad++ and/or spreadsheet ( ou something like grep/sed/cut )
to generate a CSV file
* join the CSV with mapinfo in QGIS
* export the join to shp and then transform it back to mapinfo


2012/1/25 Eduardo Kanegae <eduardo.kanegae at gmail.com>
> hi there,
> I need to read mapinfo data from a file but:
> * when opening the mapinfo file using QGIS only ID field is displayed
> within attributes table
> * the attribute I need is set at STYLE property at mapinfo file
> The result of an ogrinfo line dump is:
>   ID (Integer) = 244106
>   *Style* = LABEL(t:"335",a:295.100000,s:2.759527g,c:#000000,p:1,f:"Arial")
>   POINT (288636.59898806165 7465166.827180054)
> I need Style->Label->t value to be converted to a shapefile column (335 value).
> Is there any parameter to use with ogr2ogr to export this value?
> thanks in advance
> Eduardo Patto Kanegae
> http://www.webmapit.com | @webmapit

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