[gdal-dev] Ingres driver on Windows

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jan 26 04:03:11 EST 2012

On 12-01-25 11:23 AM, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> I've bundled together just the basics that I think are needed.
> http://db.tt/0LtX9YvL


Cool, that seemed to have what I needed.

> Linux variables seem to look for:
> INGRES_LIB -> ingres\lib
> INGRES_INC -> ingres\files

There was no build support on windows.  I've added it in trunk:


You can see in the nmake.opt an example of what needs to be set.  Note
there is no precise correspondence between windows builds and unix
builds with regard to variables needed.  So on windows they are
slightly different.

I was able to build and link, but I didn't try running since I don't
have a windows instance.

> They aren't officially distributed separately as a library package, so I might
> have missed
> something doing it ad-hoc.
> I'd be thrilled if you get a chance to peek at it. I'll be in IRC if you have
> thoughts to share or things I should try.

If you svn update from gdal trunk you should be able to build.  I'm also
interested in trying an OSGeo4W package for INGRES support but it is
getting a bit late tonight to push on that.

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