[gdal-dev] Re-loading non-spatial data using OGR2OGR

J. Burnson jburnson at yahoo.com
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Later tests suggest that ogr2ogr is checking ALL_SDO_GEOM_METADATA for this table, even though the table is non-spatial (and declared as such). The lack of a record there is a trigger for ogr to create the table de novo.
I am able to trick the program by manually registering a (fictitious) shape column for the table in SDO_GEOM_METADATA. Thereafter, ogr2ogr has no trouble loading and re-loading. Not ideal but progress of a sort!

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Try setting the layer creation option MULTI_LOAD to NO using -lco with ogr2ogr and the configuration option CPL_DEBUG  to OFF [1]. I hope to get at least a more usable error message.

[1]: http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/ConfigOptions

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I am trying to load a non-spatial CSV file into Oracle using ogr2ogr (GDAL 1.8.1). It works on the first attempt (when no destination table exists) but in later attempts, I get "name is already used by an existing object".
ogr2ogr -append -f OCI OCI:user/password at db -nln r_sign_ogr X:/R_Sign.csv -nlt NONE
I have tried every combination of overwrite/append/update that I can think of, as well as using "-nlt NONE". I do not have trouble re-populating spatial tables.
Any suggestions would be welcome! Thank you,
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