[gdal-dev] Ingres driver on Windows

Tyler Mitchell tyler.mitchell at actian.com
Fri Jan 27 14:39:15 EST 2012

> If you svn update from gdal trunk you should be able to build.  I'm also
> interested in trying an OSGeo4W package for INGRES support but it is
> getting a bit late tonight to push on that.

Some great news, it's working!

I pulled from SVN, uncommented the INGRES variables in nmake.opt,
and I pointed to the exact same lib sources that I put up for you.

Built without a hitch and ogrinfo worked perfectly!  Just trying out 
ogr2ogr now and having success too.

I'd love to get this ingres support built into 
whatever versions we can get it into.  OSGeo4W would be great of course
but any chance for having in other default builds?  Happy to help make
it happen however I can.

Thanks again!!


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