[gdal-dev] gdal_rasterize update access mode for EHdr/Bil file

lucvanlinden luc.vanlinden at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 18:55:32 EST 2012


I successfully created an EHdr / Bil file using gdal_grid 400 by 400 pixels
with 1 band from a series of preprocessed 3D vertices/points read from

In a second stage I would like to add 3D polygons to that same bil file
using gdal_rasterize.
These source polygons are in the same SRS and in the same postgis database.

>From reading the documentation this should be feasible using gdal_rasterize.
However it seems not be able to update this bil file, as the gdal_rasterize

'-tr xres yes' or '-ts xsize ysize' is required

Here is the gdal_rasterize command: 

gdal_rasterize -3d -l test_3d  -a_srs EPSG:31370 -ot Int32 -of EHdr 
PG:"dbname='postgis' host='localhost' port='5432' user='postgres'
password='postgis' tables=test_3d"  target.bil

These -tr or -ts are 2 options that should only be required for creating a
new target file.
Which if feasible but obviously it completely overwrites the original bil
file (from the gdal_grid)

On the bottom of the documentation page I read : 

"The GDAL supported output file. Must support update mode access"


1. is an EHdr / Bil file considered as supporting update mode access?
2. is there an overview of this?
3. will the gdal_rasterize come with a message it is not supported for this
type of file?
4. if it supports update mode access, what could be the cause of not being
able to do the update (getting the message '-tr xres yes' or '-ts xsize
ysize' is required?

Thanks for your time and help.



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