[gdal-dev] Re: Problem with reading OziExplorer .map world files

Jean-Claude Repetto jrepetto at free.fr
Mon Jan 30 04:33:25 EST 2012

Le 30/01/2012 08:22, Jukka Rahkonen a écrit :
> AksakTimur<timchab<at>  yahoo.com>  writes:
>> Yes, the files that I try to open are jpgs and bmps.
> I would guess that GDAL does not support .map files generally but only with the
> OZF file format. http://gdal.org/frmt_ozi.html

GDAL supports only Ozi .map files associated with GIF and OZF2/OZFx3 
image files.

I opened an enhancement ticket about this problem two years ago :

To solve it, in late 2010 I started the implementation of a new GDAL 
driver, that would consider .map files not as calibration files, but as 
virtual raster files (since they contain the paths of the image files).
That way, the driver would support any raster format already supported 
by GDAL (JPEG, PNG, GIF, ECW, BSB, ...).

I planned to submit several small patches for inclusion of this driver 
in GDAL trunk. The first one has been sent in this ticket :

Unfortunately, this patch is still waiting in Trac. I'll wait until it 
is accepted before continuing my work.


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