[gdal-dev] Label from OGR Style in a VRT output over a tiff in a geospatial PDF

Christy Nieman cnieman at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Jul 9 16:10:04 PDT 2012

It seems that there are other features from http://www.gdal.org/ogr/ogr_feature_style.html that don't work (e.g. offsetting a label from the label point, using the pre-defined pen styles).  Is everything supposedly implemented and the ones I've found were accidentally missed?  Or is it still a work in progress (i.e should I file a bug with the style elements I can't get to work in my PDF tests, or wait for awhile)?

On 2012-07-09, at 6:49 PM, Christy Nieman wrote:

> Thanks Even.  Did a quick test and it looks good!
> On 2012-07-09, at 2:26 PM, Even Rouault wrote:
>>> From what I understand, LABEL(s:40pt,t:{NAME}) should use the NAME
>>> attribute field for the labels, but it is using "{NAME}" as the text.
>> Good catch. Support for that syntax was actually missing. I've just added it 
>> in r24665
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