[gdal-dev] Oracle support available by default in any OSGeo software

Ivan Lucena ivan.lucena at princeton-ma.us
Mon Jul 23 05:26:54 PDT 2012

Hi Nicolas,

What operational system do you want to use?



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>  Hi ,
>  I't very frustrating, each time I would like to use OSGeo software
) they don't support oracle database. Every time,
>  everything should be recompiled from source with oracle support enabled. A
>  long and not easy process

>  The reason usually evoked for this situation, is that Oracle build
>  needs Oracle files that aren't freely redistributable. Ok It's a good
>  reason.
>  I found a library, called OCILIB (<[LINK:
>  http://orclib.sourceforge.net/] http://orclib.sourceforge.net/>), that
>  enable your software to dynamically connect to your oracle database. This
>  library does not require any oracle library to compile. It's available on
>  any platform where oracle client is available and it licensed with LGPL.
>  So it seems possible to create an OGR driver for Oracle, based on
>  OCILIB, that doesn't require any Oracle copyrighted files.
>  So what I propose is to develop, with the help of any volunteer,
>  this kind of driver.
>  But before going further, I would like to know if it seems to you a
>  good way to have Oracle support available by default in any OSGeo software
>  Depending of your answers, I 'll come back to ask you how it's the
>  best way to do that ?
>  Thanks a lot
>  Nicolas Simon
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