[gdal-dev] Batch conversion ECW to TIFF

Jean-Claude Repetto jrepetto at free.fr
Tue Jul 24 00:52:12 PDT 2012

Le 24/07/2012 09:44, Zoltan Szecsei a écrit :
> Hi GDALers,
> I need to convert ECW files to GeoTIFF (and not the other way round).
> I have 20 or so files now, but will be getting >1000 of them, so batch
> must be the way to go.
> I would prefer a linux solution, but I see that the "free" Erdas SDK is
> only for windows.

No, you can still use the version 3.3 of the SDK, which is available for 

> Is there a Linux command line solution?

Yes, you just have to write a small script. For example :

for file in $(ls *.ecw); do
	gdal_translate $file ${file/ecw/tif}


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