[gdal-dev] Problem with the GDAL 1.9.1 GDALmake.opt for ESRI FileGDB API 1.2 on Linux

Jim Bellenger bellengj at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 15:34:03 PDT 2012

I have found that there is a problem with how the GDALmake.opt file is
created with 1.9.1 on Linux when using the FileGDB API 1.2.

ESRI now has two .so files required so I think there should be the
following changes to the configure script

<     if test -z "`${CXX} ${CPPFLAGS} testfgdb.cpp -lFileGDBAPI -o testfgdb
2>&1`" ; then
>     if test -z "`${CXX} ${CPPFLAGS} testfgdb.cpp -lFileGDBAPI
-lfgdbunixrtl -o testfgdb 2>&1`" ; then
<         FGDB_LIB="-lFileGDBAPI"
>         FGDB_LIB="-lFileGDBAPI -lfgdbunixrtl"
<     FGDB_LIB="-L$with_fgdb/lib -lFileGDBAPI"
>     FGDB_LIB="-L$with_fgdb/lib -lFileGDBAPI -lfgdbunixrtl"
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