[gdal-dev] gdalsrsinfo "ERROR - failed to load SRS definition"

Piero Campalani piero.campa at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 06:12:27 PDT 2012

Dear list,
(PREFACE: I was looking for a *gdal-users* list but I could see it does not
exists; I hope I am in the right place)

I started playing with the relatively new /gdalsrsinfo/ utility for
forward/backward translation to GML-based definitions of CRS.
I am trying to first get my XML definition from a proj4 string, then
getting it back from the XML definition itself:

$ gdalsrsinfo -o xml 'gdalsrsinfo -o xml '+proj=utm +a=3396190 +no_defs
+rf=200' > /tmp/test1
$ gdalsrsinfo -o proj4 /tmp/test1

But I often cannot get GDAL to recognize the XML definition produced by the
gdalsrsinfo utility.
As an example I take a proj4 string offered as example in the PROJ4 FAQ

$ gdalsrsinfo -o xml '+proj=laea +lon_0=-40.000000 +lat_0=74.000000
+x_0=1000000 +y_0=1700000 +a=2000000 +b=2000000'  > /tmp/test1
$ gdalsrsinfo -o proj4 /tmp/test1
ERROR 1: ERROR - failed to load SRS definition from /tmp/test1

Any hint about the source of error?
Is there some restriction on the CRS definition in the XML form or am I
missing some parameter or is this a bug in the utility?

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