[gdal-dev] gdalwarp integer overflow

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Tue Dec 3 07:56:56 PST 2013


do you have many bands and what is their data type ? Because the check for
integer overflows does nSrcXSize * nSrcYSize * nWordSize *  nBandCount.
nSrcXSize * nSrcYSize by itself is 214 659 158. So it means that you have more
than 10 bands of Byte type, or other combinations of band number/data type that
cause the number to go over 2 billion.

I think the cause of the issue is the large over sampling you are attempting.
This requires to fetch an anourmous source area for a tinish target area. I
suggest you do gdalwarp in several times by using decreasing sizes. Perhaps just
an intermediate state will be necessary.

In the situation, the warping algorithm could also be smarter and realize that
in nearest neighbour resampling it doesn't need to fetch a source area but just
fetch individual source pixels. But that's a pretty unusual case (usually the
number of source pixels more or less matches the number of target pixels)


> Hi,
> I get the following error (integer overflow) when running gdalwarp on a
> very large vrt to reproject to a very small tif:
> gdalwarp -overwrite -t_srs epsg:4326 -te -180 -90 180 90 -ts 36 18 -r
> near ${YEAR}/world_${YEAR}_sinu.vrt ${YEAR}/world_${YEAR}_ll_overview.tif
> Creating output file that is 36P x 18L.
> Processing input file 2013/world_2013_sinu.vrt.
> Using internal nodata values (e.g. 0) for image 2013/world_2013_sinu.vrt.
> Copying nodata values from source 2013/world_2013_sinu.vrt to
> destination 2013/world_2013_ll_overview.tif.
> 0...10...20...30...40...50...60ERROR 1: Integer overflow :
> nSrcXSize=22358, nSrcYSize=9601
> I also tried -r average, which gives the same error.
> Note that this might be a less than average usecase: I am running
> gdalwarp on a vrt (built with gdalbuildvrt) of dimensions 172800, 33600
> and sinusoidal projection, to create a tif with dimensions of 36, 18 (10
> deg/pixel) and latlon wgs84 projection. This because ultimately I want
> to create latlon tiles of 10x10 degrees, but want to avoid creating
> empty tiles, so I'll use gdallocationinfo on the 36x18 tif to check if
> this 10x10 degree square actually has data.
> Any insights or tips on what could be wrong or how to debug/prevent this
> are welcome (e.g. should I try some specific warpoptions?)
> Thanks in advance,
> Vincent.
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