[gdal-dev] Contour Gaps

Michael Patrick geodesy99 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 19:09:30 PST 2013

> I have shape file from sample map, consisting of topological contours.
However many contours have small gaps and I'm looking for a pointer how to
connect those lines, automatically. Does ogr have a method or maybe more
generally does anyone know of a tool, that would correctly close
disconnected contours, which aren't labeled? Gaps are small - artifacts
from graticules present in original image used as source for creating this

Lots of assumptions, lots of dependencies on how convoluted the contours
are, the ratio of the gap length to contour spacing (in
the horizontal plane) etc. and how much automation and inspection you
can tolerate. Do you have Z values for the contours? Or any common
attribute which shares across the gaps?

Michael Patrick
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