[gdal-dev] help for GDAL 1.10

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Fri Mar 1 06:47:02 PST 2013

Le vendredi 01 mars 2013 14:53:15, Chunsun Zhang a écrit :
> Hi Even,
> I am a researcher in geospatial science. We want to use GDAL 1.10 with the
> recently released openJPEG 2.0 to read satellite imagery. However, I
> encountered errors in build GDAL 1.10beta. Can you please advise me how to
> build this version of GDAL?


In general, please be much more precise in the description of the errors you 
encountered (i.e. paste the exact error message from the build console, and 
relevant extract from the nmake.local file or modified nmake.opt )

> I also appreciate your advice on how to build
> GDAL 1.10 with openJPEG 2. I am working on windows XP and windows 7 on PC.

I've not tried myself to build GDAL with openjpeg under Windows, but if you 
want to be lazy (which is a good thing), you could just download one of the 
packages labelled "MSVCXXXX (WinYY) - development" at the top of 
http://www.gisinternals.com/sdk/ : there are GDAL 1.10dev binaries with the 
openjpeg driver included.

In the "GDAL and MapServer build SDK packages (provides to compile MapServer 
and GDAL by yourself)" section, you'll also find the SDK to rebuild the above 
mentionned binaries.

> Many thanks,
> Chunsun

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