[gdal-dev] OGR distance different than in ArcGIS

Uli Strötz ustroetz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 14:49:53 PST 2013

I want to determine the shortest distance between a point and a line. I use
the following Python script to do so. If I compare the result of the script
with the result of ArcMap's Near Analysis, I get a completely different
results. The shapefiles are in the CRS GCS_North_American_1983 and
projected with Albers. What could be the reason for the difference?

import ogr

driver = ogr.GetDriverByName('ESRI Shapefile')

lineshp = driver.Open('U:/My Documents/Tool/shp/line.shp', 0)
linelyr = lineshp.GetLayer()

pointshp = driver.Open('U:/My Documents/Tool/shp/point.shp', 0)
pointlyr = pointshp.GetLayer()

line = linelyr.GetNextFeature()
point = pointlyr.GetNextFeature()

line_geom = line.GetGeometryRef()
point_geom = point.GetGeometryRef()

dist = point_geom.Distance(line_geom)

print dist

Thanks ahead!

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