[gdal-dev] nodata in .bil format

Joaquim Luis jluis at ualg.pt
Thu Mar 7 06:35:14 PST 2013

On 07-03-2013 14:29, Even Rouault wrote:
>>>> gdalinfo lixo.bil
>>>> ERROR 6: lixo.bil, band 1: SetNoDataValue() not supported for this
>> dataset.
>>> This message is displayed if GDALRasterBand::SetNoDataValue() is called.
>> But in
>>> normal situations, it should not, unless PAM is disabled. Are you disabling
>> PAM
>>> by chance ?
>> Yes I have (sometimes I has problems in classroom computers that didn't
>> have writing privileges in the program's install dir and disable it).
>> So apparently the situation is, with PAM disabled once can convert from
>> .bil to .asc and that caries the nodata info but accessing the .bil
>> with, for example gdalinfo (and my gdalread mex) does not read the
>> nodata field. Right?
> Should be fixed by r25701

Thanks. I'll rebuild and try later tonight or tomorrow.


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