[gdal-dev] Some OGR drivers do not work

Jaak Laineste (Nutiteq) jaak at nutiteq.com
Mon May 20 09:26:09 PDT 2013


I compiled GDAL 0.10 release for Android, with basic driver package. I left cURL and other more complex dependencies for later. It works with partial success:

a) Snags during compiling:
 1. had to disable gif driver, as there was "undefined reference to `GIFAbstractDataset::GetMetadataItem". I don't see any real use of that anyway.
 2. from tif_open.c I removed lines 99 and 100 (asserts for 64bit types), as they appear not to work on 32bit ARMv7 (they assert false). Would it be safe enough? Interesting is that I did not have this problem with GDAL 0.9
 3. Some other tweaks and changes as described in [1] to get also Swig Java bindings working

b) Runtime problems. Main problem is that some OGR drivers do not open some of test files, even if ogr.GetDriver() reports them. See [2] for reported the list. There is no any error message, and debugging this via Android NDK would be a bit too much for me.
 1. Working files: shapefile, esripolygon.json, dxf, csv
 2. Not working: KML, GML and GeoJSON. By not working I mean Open (<file>,false) returns null.

So my questions:
1. Is there a way to troubleshoot runtime problems ? org.gdal.gdal.gdal.GetLastErrorMsg() seems to report nothing after Open error. Maybe some dependency missing from compilation?
2. Any hint how to fix tif_open.c problem properly?

Thank you,

[1] https://github.com/nutiteq/gdal/wiki/AndroidHowto
[2] https://github.com/nutiteq/hellomap3d/wiki/Ogr-layer 

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