[gdal-dev] Ogr2ogr with -dialect and VRT

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Sat May 25 00:23:15 PDT 2013

Le vendredi 24 mai 2013 23:52:43, Jukka Rahkonen a écrit :
> Hi,
> The -dialect parameter in ogr2ogr does not have an effect when using VRT as
> datasource but could it be made to inject the selected dialect into SrcSQL
> element of the VRT? Thus
> ogr2ogr -dialect SQLITE
> would lead to
> <SrcSQL dialect="sqlite">SELECT ...</SrcSQL>

(Almost) everything is possible in matter of software development, but IMHO 
the above would be a horrible hack in the code, whereas you can simply edit a 
text file to indicate your will.

Furthermore " ogr2ogr -dialect sqlite dst.shp src.vrt -sql "someSQL" " is 
something valid currently and it means to run someSQL with the sqlite dialect 
on top of src.vrt would naturally return (the fact that src.vrt can run some 
SQL internally is something that ogr2ogr doesn't know).

> -Jukka Rahkonen-
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