[gdal-dev] keep metadata tags when creating multiband file

Thornton, Michele M. thorntonmm at ornl.gov
Wed Oct 23 06:00:46 PDT 2013

Hello List,

Apologies if this is a repeat post.  Not sure that I was subscribed properly.

I have a number of individual Landsat bands that I'm converting to GeoTiff and would then like to merge to a multiband file using either gdal_merge.py or another gdal utility (gdalbuildvrt, gdal_translate).  In the individually derived geotif files, I am able to internally "label" the corresponding Landsat band by creating a metadata tag.  For example, in using the following gdal_translate command from a file that is Landsat data for Band 1 called landsat.b1.dat:

gdal_translate -of GTiff -strict -stats -mo "Band = LandsatBand ${f: -5:1}" -co "COMPRESS=LZW"  -co "PROFILE=GeoTIFF" $f $f.tif

This creates a metadata tag in the tif file:
  Band =LandsatBand 1

And there is a separate .aux.xml for each of the tif files:
    <MDI key="Band ">LandsatBand 1</MDI>
  <PAMRasterBand band="1">
      <MDI key="STATISTICS_MEAN">40.826976974681</MDI>
      <MDI key="STATISTICS_STDDEV">31.471508896152</MDI>

Now, I have for example 6 such separate files with Landsat bands labeled 1-5 and 7 respectively.  I would like to keep these metadata tags (Band =LandsatBand #) when I derive a single multiband file to ensure that legacy in the file metadata.  In other words, more internal metadata information than Band_1 - Band_6 when in fact the bands are Landsat bands 1-5, and 7.

So far, gdal_merge.py and the other gdal utilities drop the metadata tags. I've tried the flag -co "PROFILE=GeoTIFF" in gdal_merge.py with no luck.    Is it possible to create a multiband file and retain the metadata band information?

Thanks in advance,

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