[gdal-dev] ReprojectImage and nodata

Ochs, Elke ERDC-RDE-CRREL-NH Elke.Ochs at erdc.dren.mil
Wed Oct 23 10:05:18 PDT 2013

ReprojectImage does not maintain areas of nodata as I would expect it should.  Small areas of nodata are getting erased and larger areas are reduced in size.  I'm reprojecting from geographic to Albers, using approximately the same  cell size (converted from dd to meters).  I'm using GDAL 1.9.2 in Python.

Gdalwarp does a better job of maintaining nodata cells.  Is there a way to get ReprojectImage to handle nodata in a similar way?  I'd like to avoid subprocessing out to use gdalwarp.


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