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Hi Yehiyam,
Yes, CMake could help. But it could hurt too. That was discussed here before and I don't do that.
The VS IDE is particularly useful if you are developing drivers in Windows environment, mostly because of the integrated debugger. There are also integrated tools to read file in hexadecimal, what is very useful if you need to debug a file format and a compression.
I usually don't touch the file nmake.opt. It's much easier to copy just the settings you need to a nmake.local file. By doing that you also don't need to merge your changes at everytime SVN update.
But thanks for your feedback. It seems like we really don't need to update makegdal_gen.bat. Good to know.
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Hi all

As a developer on windows, I have never used the vs solutions. I didn't find any added value over using the make file directly.

The biggest step that I needed to overcome was the configuration of nmake.opt. 

A big step to help windows programmers will be to add support for cmake. That will help configuring for windows as well linuxes android iOS etc.
Yehiyam Livneh

On Apr 16, 2014 9:05 PM, Ivan Lucena <lucena_ivan at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi there,


The script "makegdal_gen.bat" on the root of GDAL folder was developed in 2007 and the intension was to create an usable Visual Studio "Makefile Project" with the GDAL source tree and commands to run GDAL makefile.vc.


An VS "Makefile Project" doesn't not store any compilation option like a regular Visual Studio C++ project, it just run the nmake command as you define. But can borse the source tree, use the the IDE tools for debugging and all the intelisense fancy stuff.


Since it still used the "nmake.opt" and the very smart "nmake.local" you can choose between build on the IDE or use the command line, with the same settings. If you have a simple C++ project you can't build with nmake, as far as I know.


The problem is that until VS 2010 your could still run the "makegdal_gen.bat" and use "Open Project" in Visual Studio and it would make changes and import the .vcproj file to the new VS Makefile project.


But that doesn't work anymore. At least with VS 2012. After "Open Project" it does imports the .vcproj file but instead of a "Makefile" project, it creates an regular C++  project without importing the options from nmake.opt.


It might be possible to analize the new structure of a VS 2012 Makefile project and fix makegdal_gen.bat to generate an appropiate new profile files (.vcxproj, .vcxproj.filters, .vcxproj.user)


So if someone has the interest in taking that task, that would be great. I don't know if people even uses that thing, so we might be better off by drop it all together.


In the mean time we should also get rid of those old "makegdalNN.vcproj" from SVN. If someone need then, they can generate with makegdal_gen.bat and get an updated source code tree.


I don't know who create the makegdal10{.sln,.vcproj.,vcproj.filters} that seems to be a hand-made C++ Project and that doesn't belong on that discussion.








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