[gdal-dev] Convert GeoPDF with gdal_translate

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 03:57:25 PST 2014

On 01/07/2014 11:19 PM, Ari Jolma wrote:
> On 01/07/2014 11:02 PM, Even Rouault wrote:
>> I assume your GDAL build has only write support for geospatial PDF 
>> (which
>> doesn't require any third-party library), but not read support that 
>> requires
>> linking to a third-party library, like Poppler or Podofo. Unfortunately
>> gdalinfo --formats can only report read/write support even when it's 
>> write-
>> only.
> I see this now - I don't have poppler nor podofo right now in this 
> machine. The information (read and/or write - in my case only write) 
> is in the meta data of the driver but it is not exposed well by gdalinfo.

Except that it is not there. gdal.h does not define GDAL_DCAP_READ, 
which should probably be put into the driver meta data as YES almost 
always except for the GDAL PDF driver without a reader.

I believe without this other software like gdalinfo have no way of 
knowing whether reading of a dataset is supported.



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