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Well, I actually implemented this idea in Mirone long time ago. First 
with SIFT and later with the SURF module in OpenCV, but I really never 
tested much from the the point that "some cases work well, others not so 

Anyway, you might be interested to look also into ASIFT. It looks promising



> Hi all,
> I talked with Kshitij about this idea at length. I am sure that he can 
> do a good job. He has the programming skills and has academic 
> background in image processing and computer vision.
> I am willing to co-mentor him.
> Kshitij,
> You did not include the extensions we discussed. Estimating the shift 
> between two georeferenced images, matching rasters with vector datasets.
> On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 1:16 PM, Kshitij Kansal <kansal.k at gmail.com 
> <mailto:kansal.k at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hello Everyone
>     I am an undergrad student in my Junior year of study. I have been
>     involved with some research in field of Spatial Temporal Analysis
>     of Images. I have been using the GDAL for various purposes, for
>     quite some time now. I thought that now its time to contribute
>     something to Open Source Community. So I started to think about
>     the GSoC, 2014. As I started browsing the last year's ideas, one
>     idea that I could relate was "*Raster / Vector Geo-referencer on
>     the Web*".
>     *Motivation:*
>     The main motivation behind this is that, among the very first
>     things that are required in many remote sensing/geo-spatial
>     related projects are geo-referenced images. Most of the images
>     that we have are generally not referenced and hence we have to go
>     to some tool and MANUALLY reference them with the help of some
>     reference image. This generally takes a lot of time and most of
>     the times errors do creep in.
>     *Original Idea:*
>     What has been proposed in this(as a part of GSoC'13 idea) was that
>     we should provide two image, one reference image and other
>     un-referenced image. Now with the help of this we should be able
>     to geo-reference this unreferenced image by MANUALLY selecting the
>     Control Points. Some thing like this :
>     http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=88gt1gj2dbs
>     <http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=88gt1gj2dbs>
>     *Modified Idea:*
>     Now what I felt was that, this idea can be made more innovative
>     and useful if we can AUTOMATE this whole process of
>     geo-referencing along with providing the option for manual
>     selection. This is where the knowledge of Image Processing can
>     help. There are various algorithms(like SIFT/SURF) which can be
>     used for doing this. We can apply these algorithms and extract the
>     GCP's and then geo-reference the images. Also, this thing has not
>     been implemented in any of the other open source softwares(like
>     GRASS,QGIS). So if we can implement this, other communities can
>     build on these ideas or even adapt it. It would be "entirely based
>     on GDAL and completely reusable"
>     Furthermore, this idea can be expanded a lot in the sense that we
>     should not not put restrictions to the number of bands in the
>     images. Now what I mean by this is that reference image's bands
>     may not be the same order of unreferenced. It should work with
>     images of any number of bands.
>     Any Comments or Suggestions or Feedback ?
>     Anyone willing to help me in this?
>     Regards,
>         Kshitij Kansal
>         Lab For Spatial Informatics,
>         IIIT Hyderabad
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