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> Le mardi 28 janvier 2014 19:52:26, Ivan Lucena a écrit :
> > Hi there,
> > 
> > I have question/suggestion about that method. When it goes though the loop
> > it calls the driver's CreateField several times, depending on the number
> > of columns on the table. In a DBMS environment, at that point the table is
> > already created and the only thing the driver's CreateField() can do is to
> > issue some ALTER TABLE statements. But that is too time consuming. It
> > takes more time than to load geometry in some cases.
> > 
> > Is there a way to pass the field description information to the driver and
> > let it decide to create the table at once with a complete description of
> > the fields?
> Ivan,
> No, such a method doesn't exist.
> One possible solution would be that the implementation of CreateLayer() and 
> CreateField() in the driver doesn't do any SQL operation, but just save into 
> memory the necessary elements to create the table later. The actual table 
> creation would be deferred at the time of the first CreateFeature(), 
> BeginTransaction(), or when the layer is destroyed.

I will try that option and see how it goes.

> Another solution would be to introduce a virtual method in OGRLayer - 
> CreateLayerWithFields() - that could be specialized in drivers. The base 
> implementation would just call CreateLayer() and CreateFields(). CopyLayer() 
> and ogr2ogr would need to be retrofitted to use CreateLayerWithFields()

It looks like a very generic problem that might need a general solution in the future.


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