[gdal-dev] Sample script idea: gdal_srsguess

Andre Joost andre+joost at nurfuerspam.de
Mon Nov 3 08:02:54 PST 2014

Am 03.11.2014 um 08:46 schrieb Paolo Cavallini:

> Thanks Aaron for this. IMHO an even better option would be to
> explicitly add to EPSG/proj.4 db the bounding boxes of validity for
> each projection: in this way, client GIS could show only valid
> projections for a given map area, and this would be a major usability
> improvement for all.

The "AREA_OF_USE_CODE" is already in /gdal-data/gdal_datum.csv.

The bounding boxes can be extracted from the EPSG database "Area" table 
as well.

André Joost

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