[gdal-dev] Error with using GML with Python

Pekka Sarkola pekka.sarkola at gispo.fi
Sun Nov 9 09:28:13 PST 2014


I might have newbie problem with OGR’s GML driver in Python.

I try to read GML files with Python script, but won’t get access to
features. I tried this on Window (ogr version 1.11.1), unfortunately I
couldn’t check this in other enviroments, yet.

So my sample testing script result is
Loop aita layer...              
 Count of features: 181         
Start Loop...                   
End of Loop                     

And sample script is very simple:

# -- Start of test script ---
import sys;
from osgeo import ogr;

driver = ogr.GetDriverByName('GML');

if driver is None:
  print "Error with driver"

fn = '<your path>/L4131R.xml'
#fn = '/data/nlsfi/MTK-GML/L34131R.xml'

if datasrc is None:
  print "Error opening " + fn;

print "Loop aita layer..."

print " Count of features: "+str(myLayer.GetFeatureCount())

print myLayer.GetNextFeature();

print myLayer.GetFeature(2);

print "Start Loop..."
for feat in myLayer:
  print "a"
print "End of Loop"

# -- End of test script ---

GML file is National Land Survey of Finland's special GML. I can access with
ogrinfo and other command line tools, but not from Python (version 2.7.3).
You can download sample datasets from Kapsi, example

Any help is appreciated. I try to check this also in Ubuntu, but currently I
don't have working environment for GDAL 1.11.1. So if somebody can test this
on Ubuntu 14.04 (or any other version above 12.04)



Pekka Sarkola
Gispo Oy
pekka.sarkola at gispo.fi   - GSM +358 40 725 2042
www.gispo.fi – www.paikkatieto.com 

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