[gdal-dev] Interlis driver does not polygonize anymore

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Fri Nov 14 06:23:59 PST 2014


> I've got some problems with the interlis driver. When I try to convert an
> interlis 1 file to shapefiles with the following command:
> ogr2ogr shpdir/ 254900/254900.itf,dm01avso24.imd
> There are no polygon shapes created. It seems that the point coordinates -
> which are stored in two separate columns - are shifted.

The driver now supports multiple geometry columns since GDAL 1.11. On the example in the GDAL autotest, it appears that the point geometry column is declared before the second geometry column, so 
you'll get only the point when translating to shapefile, unless you explicitely specify the polygon geometry column (look at its name with ogrinfo)

With the sample in autotest :
ogr2ogr out.shp data/ili/Beispiel.itf,data/ili/Beispiel.imd Bodenbedeckung__BoFlaechen -overwrite -select Form

> Column "Geometrie_" contains a small double value. Column "Geometrie_1"
> contains one coordinate. Column "Qualitaet" contains the second coordinate.

Not sure about that. Maybe Pirmin has an idea. A sample dataset of yours might be needed.


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